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The objectives of ACE, have been to provide comprehensive, quality work,   guaranteed by a    professional attitude within acceptable cost  margins. Since     ACE's activities have been employed to a  greater extent in  Egypt, due to  the      firm's  nature and location,  ACE   has adopted a doctrine   of participation in      projects   geared  to provide solutions to acute and  sensitive    develpomental      problems,   which will yield benefits to a cross section of the population and       enhance progress.      ACE   has  adamantly  emphasized  an  interest in  private   investments and initiatives, to promote a highly capable sector of the enconomy   
   ACE's largest clients have traditionally central and local government agencies,
as typically the largest financiers in the area.  However, ACE  has also had many undertakings from the private sector as well as projects sponsored by international organizations.

  ACE offers services in multi-disciplinary tasks in the fields of planning, design engineering, construction management and supervision.  The firm's integrated studies span the range of construction related activities.

  The Arab Consulting Engineers employ a staff of around 600 employees,specialized in the various disciplines of engineering, and other fields such as business administration, economics, finance, accounting, and environmentalists.  Furthermore, support is further extended by a pool of secretaries, draftsmen, computer experts, surveyors, labortatory technicians, publications and printing technicians.
   ACE also maintains close ties with number of specialists to be called upon as the need arises, as well as, links with academic institutions, specialized firms or agencies and/or associations, which ACE is a member of, to provide additional expertise to that available within the organization.
Most members within the top management category have been with ACE since its inception and have provided the directional force of the firm, with their long experience in the field.  Within the top and middle management  positions there are about 20 ph.D. holders and 46 masters degree holders, many of them trained in the U.S.A Europe and the U.S.S.R. They provide the next generation of specialized, cosmopolitan professionals.  The bulk of the staff is comprised of young and ambitious members who have provided the dynamism, creativity and ingenuity that have sustained ACE in its present status.

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