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ACE become involved in the field of airport planning and design by
the mid-fifties In 1956, ACE was awarded the contract for the design
of Cairo International Airport, Terminal I. in 1964, ACE was engaged
in redesigning the second stage of Kuwait International Airport.  ACE handled a comprehensive project that included all ancillary buildings  and runways.  ACE excelled in its studies of the load bearing capacities of the runways and the designing of the overlays.
    These studies were based on highly refined, scientific pavement design, methods. Recently, ACE won, in conjunction with a French
firm, an international competition for all design, engineering woks and construction management of Cairo Airport, Terminal II.  This project, completed in 1986, accommodates 10 million travellers per year and cost approximately 75 million U.S Dollars.
The present capabilities of ACE's services cover all project design
and supervision of construction as well as all engineering works.

Some of the projects Undertaken by ACE

WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Cairo International Airport, Terminal II - 15 million passengers
    per year.

WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Luxor New Airport.

WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Kuwait International Airport, Stage II phaseI - 3.4 km of runways
   and 9.6 km of taxiways.
WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Egypt Engineering base 200 B.

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