ACE performs preliminary environmental surveys (ES) for staring projects and environmental impact assessment (EIA) for large scale projects.

Study Items include :

- Sociological surveys, and socio-economic evaluation and cost evalution (Land aquisitions
  and lost  assets).
- Bio-physical environmental surveys dealing with terrestrial and aquatic fauna and flora, wildlife,
  water analysis, bottom sediment analysis, detection of various pollutants (hydrocarbons,
  pesticides, trace metals, hazardous gasses, noise ...etc).
- Modelling and multicriteria analysis.
- Design and management of monitoring plan for environmental aspects of large scale projects.

Some of the projects undertaken by ACE

WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Naga hammady new barrage development studies, upper Egypt
WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Improvement of Maddi fishing port, Alexandria, Egypt.
WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Red Sea villas and resort project (83 acres), Hurghada, Egypt.
WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Urgent development plan of the Suez bay coastal. area, Suez Bay, Egypt.
WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) International Northern Coastal Road (Section 7 and extention 7) Egypt.
WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Predesign studies for new bridge crossing Suez Canal, Egypt.