ACE has been awarded many projects concerned with complexes and settlements.
ACE has been involved with at least ten comprehensive housing settlements, of which six pertain to integrated industrial development projects.  ACE design of housing ranges from villas, towers, luxury apartment, to cooperative and low income housing.  In addition to standard engineering consultancy services, ACE provides services in urban, impact economics, architectural, materials and systems design, mechanical, sanitary, etc. and interior as well as exterior design.

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Some of the projects undertaken by ACE

  WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) El-Doha Plaza in Qatar
  WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Cooperative housing projects in Nasr City - 5002 units.
  WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) The housing settelment at the Beetroot factory - approx. 1000 units.
  WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Gawharat Cornich El Nil project - a housing complex of 5 towers.
  WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Kuwait Girls Hostel.