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- ACE is currently participating the French - Italian consortium in the design and preparation
  of the tender documents for Alexandria Regional Metro Line Project
  The first section of the line is extended to 21 k.m from Abou Qir inter  to El-Gomhoria Square
  in the city center comprising of eighteen stations,   Viaduct part of six kilometers, high
  voltage station, centralized control building and the maintenance workshop over fourty five
  feddans in El-Maamoura Region.

- Egypt International Company for Urban Development, is a company founded by National
  Bank of Egypt ,  Cairo Bank, Misr Insurance Company , Arab Consulting Engineer, Arab
  Contractors, Artoc Group, Mahmoud Osman Groups of company have been awarded the
  project of Tahrir Sq., Car Park Dec 1998.
  The project is 4 stories underground car park with entertainment and commericial areas
  including Movie's center , shops... etc.
  The total project area is 21,000 square metre for site 1, and 5,000 square metre for site 2.
  ACE is the designer and the project manager of the project.
  The capital investement of the project is estimated to be 300 million pounds.