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The planning and design of road networks is one of the technical services that has been carried out by ACE over the past 47 years.
Roads require engineering aspects directly related to these works, such as transportation and traffic studies, geometric design, structural design, soil studies, and supplementary work for safety, lighting. etc

Some of the Projects Undertaken by ACE :

WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) The Greater Cairo Ring Road - about 110 km.
WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) The Port Said, El Deiba Ring Road - about 15 km.
WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Extension of the international coastal Road.
WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) El Marj City, Libya Road Network.
WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Road network and car park of Cairo International Airport,
   Terminal II





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