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Services provided by ACE in the field of tourism vary from plans of touristic sites to design and construction management of hotels and touristic complexes.   A famous Egyptian architect regularly joins the firm's team to assist in contracts which require the design of luxurious hotels.

Some of the Projects Undertaken by ACE:

  WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Summer resort for national bank of Egypt employees.
  WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Forte grand hotel.
  WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) The structural engineering of the Cairo Sheraton Hotel.
  WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Safir Etap Hotel - sixteen floors, 280 rooms.
  WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Touristic Village in Hurghada.
  WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Gaza Hotel.
  WB01472_.gif (437 bytes) Misr International Tower (Pullman Hotel).




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